DUI & Traffic Violations

DUI & Traffic Violations

DUI Convictions Can Cost You a Great Deal

A few drinks at a restaurant here in Lynchburg or at a friend’s home and without thinking, you may be facing a state trooper or police officer asking you to perform a field sobriety tests. If you find yourself facing DUI charges, P. Scott DeBruin provides aggressive DUI representation, working to have charges dismissed or reduced.

The long-term costs of a DUI conviction in Virginia can be great, and with a conviction on your permanent criminal record, you may face even greater consequences for a second DUI conviction or other criminal charges. You will likely lose your license for a year, your insurance premiums will increase and if you are permitted to drive with a restricted license, you will need to use ignition interlock device, which you must have installed on any vehicle you drive. In addition, you have to pay for the installation, maintenance and monitoring of this device.

If your work depends on your maintaining a commercial driver’s license (CDL), a DUI will cost you your job. A second conviction is even more costly, from spending 10 days in jail to a three-year loss of driving privileges. A third conviction is a felony DUI and could mean five years in prison and a lifetime loss of your license.

Unless you are a DUI lawyer, you probably will not know potential defenses or how strong your case may be. Speaking with our attorney is the best way to determine your options, defenses, possible lesser charges and how to best resolve a DUI charge. We will work to develop the most effective defense for your circumstance. Our attorney has handled many DUI cases in Lynchburg and the surrounding area, and we will aggressively protect your rights and work to improve your future.

Never Just Pay a Traffic Ticket

In the course of an ordinary drive, you may violate a traffic law in Virginia. Forget to signal a turn, fail to come to a complete stop or exceed the speed limit, and you could be stopped and be ticketed. But some traffic violations are more serious and carry significant fines, may lead to a license suspension or, for some drivers, cost them their job.

Maybe you were stopped for driving on a suspended license after a DUI or had too many speeding tickets. This is a serious misdemeanor, just short of a felony charge. You could be fined up to $2,500. You never want to just “pay the ticket” before consulting an attorney.

P. Scott De Bruin, can help you with any serious traffic offense, like reckless driving, which in Virginia is any speeding ticket above 80 mph or 20 mph over the posted limit. This offense is a criminal misdemeanor and is as serious on your record as a DUI.

Did You Get a Speeding Ticket Passing Through Lynchburg?

Fighting a speeding ticket or reckless driving charge can become more complex if you were just driving the Route 30 corridor or are a professional driver passing through the area. Truckers are frequently stopped for being over-length or logbook violations. Our attorney can help you deal with these charges and may be able to handle your ticket without you needing to appear in court.

In Virginia, you receive demerit points for many traffic violations, and many can stay on your diving record for up to 11 years. For commercial driver’s license (CDL), some violations are lifetime, meaning you would never be able to legally drive in the state of Virginia again. Too many demerit points can cost you your license and your job. Every ticket is a threat to your livelihood and needs an aggressive response.

Need a Lawyer? Let Us Help You

The effects of a DUI conviction can be very damaging, from increased insurance cost to jail time or loss of your license and job. The cumulative effects of a traffic violations can cost you your license and for CDL holders, their job. Traffic violations like reckless driving can add up quickly, and you should never pay a ticket before first talking to an attorney. Call us at 434-847-3225 or use our online form.